California Project to Assess Long-Duration Energy Storage Technologies Awarded US$5m Grant

on January 14, 2021

A project which will combine and then assess four different types of non-lithium technologies for long-durations of energy storage has been awarded a grant by the California Energy Commission (CEC).

A grant of “more than US$5 million” to help develop a workable long-duration storage system with 10 hours of storage has been accepted by Indian Energy, a grid-scale battery storage and microgrid development and systems integration company which is 100% owned and operated by Native Americans.

Indian Energy and construction partner Webcor will begin the creation of a handful of what have been dubbed ‘Hybrid Modular Storage Systems’ that include flow batteries, supercapacitors, fast-responding mechanical energy storage and zinc hybrid cathode battery storage. The project will be sited at a United States Marine Corps base, Camp Pendleton, where other microgrid and emerging energy resiliency solutions have previously been trialled.

The idea is that the different long-duration energy technologies will all be put into operation in modules that are optimised using a hybrid controller system, tested individually and then operated as one unit, helping to prove how they would come into action in the event of a grid power outage, for example.

In total, six modules of Hybrid Modular Storage Systems will be created; three using the above technologies and funded by the latest grant, while a further three modules using as-yet unspecified technology types will be funded by other government agencies and private industry partners, Indian Energy said. The overall project will find the ‘sweet spot’ – the best combination or selection of technologies – which will then be used for the building of a 400kW / 4MWh energy storage system.

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Fractal Energy Storage ConsultantsCalifornia Project to Assess Long-Duration Energy Storage Technologies Awarded US$5m Grant