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Most utilities do not have the resources, time or processes to successfully evaluate storage. To makes matters worse, there is limited and misleading information everywhere. Fractal empowers our clients with unbiased education. This enables utilities to make educated and strategic decisions - decisions that can potentially save you millions. Check out some of our more popular education topics in this brochure. If you would like more information, call us and ask questions.

benefits of on-site education

Bring the experts to you - your city, workplace and staff. Having us on your turf allows for a one-of-a-kind learning and team building experience. With a projector and a big white board we can make the magic happen.

Cost Effective. Train your entire team without the added expense of individual travel.
Convenient. Maximize productivity by scheduling training when it works best for your workforce.
Team Building. Strengthen communication and your team through a shared learning experience.
Customized. Choose the content to fit your exact training needs.
What's Included. Pre-approved agenda, interative presentation, user-friendly slide deck (.pdf), thorough Q&A session. Optional lunch & learn format.

benefits of webinar education

A series of webinars is a convenient and cost-effective way to train your team no matter where they are located. Direct interaction with subject matter experts allows for everyone's specific issues to be addressed.

Cost-Effective. Train your entire team across multiple locations and time zones.
Convenient. Maximize productivity by scheduling training when it works best for your workforce.
Now or Later. All webinars are recorded and can be watched as needed or kept in your company training repository.
Advanced Tools. Webinars provide polls, chats, videos and calls to action, in addition to slides.
Customized. Choose the content to fit your exact training needs.
What's Included. Pre-approved agenda, interative presentation, user-friendly slide deck (.pdf), brief Q&A session, webinar recording.

energy storage 101

What does battery storage look like?
How does battery storage work?
How does energy storage compare to traditional generation assets?
What are the major components of a battery storage system? What is turn-key?
What is the battery storage supply chain? Who are the top players?
What are the challenges of vendor offers and bids?


Which energy storage technology is best?

Which lithium-ion chemistry is best?
How does lithium-ion compare to flow batteries?
How does lithium-ion compare to flywheels?
How does lithium-ion compare to advanced lead carbon batteries?
What parameters are used to evaluate energy storage technologies and chemistry?
What are the differences in performance, energy, power, efficiency and reliability?
What is the difference between cycle life and calendar life?
What is the difference between efficiency losses and parasitic losses?
How does C Rate affect round-trip efficiency?
How does depth of discharge (DOD) affect cycle life and sizing?
How does C Rate affect power, charging and discharging?


Ownership Strategies

What are the advantages / disadvantages to owning, leasing or doing a service agreement?
How is the rate calculated for a service-based agreement?
Can battery energy storage qualify for the Investment Tax Credit?
What strategy is best for solar+storage systems?


Battery Storage System Sizing and Siting

How much duration do we need (minutes or hours)?
How are systems over-sized to account for degradation, DOD and losses?
How does state of charge (SOC) affect battery storage system sizing?
Which warranty type is better: over-sizing or augmenting capacity over time?
How does the interconnection location impact metering, sizing, application selection and cost?

battery energy storage cost

How much does a battery storage system cost?
How do I calculate installation cost?
What are the parameters to calculate total cost of ownership?
What is the difference between the battery system and the balance of plant?
How do you convert quotes in power to energy and vice-versa?
What is wrong with using LCOE or LCOS? Why is TCO best?
What are the current prices for battery storage technologies?
How is the price forecast to decrease over the next five years?


Battery Storage Procurement

What is the best procurement strategy for energy storage RFI / RFQ / RFP?
Do you have a list of top-tier vendors to send solicitations?
Who are the market share leaders and market price leaders?
What specifications do we need to include in a solicitation?
How should we score our battery storage solicitation?
How do you determine and score technical feasibility and total cost of ownership?
How can we encourage local sourcing, community and economic development for energy storage projects?
What are the challenges, solutions and lessons learned with your past solicitations?
What types of studies and interconnection agreement should we require for battery storage projects?
Do you have a scoring matrix we can use?
What does a typical energy storage construction schedule look like? What are the milestones? Do you have examples?
How do we structure our team for scoring and management of the solicitation process?


Applications, Use Cases and Business Models

What are the different applications energy storage can perform in my location?
How do you value energy storage applications?
How is an energy storage use case built and evaluated financially?
What is the compatibility of applications?
What business models are economic for electric utilities?
What business models make sense for my utility?



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