Energy Storage RFP/RFI/RFQ Drafting, Management and Scoring

procurement services

Fractal specializes in writing, managing and evaluating energy storage RFP/RFI/RFQ. We use our experience and knowledge of the energy storage markets, vendors and components to maximize profitability and economic development for our clients. Fractal’s comprehensive procurement experience will ensure your solicitation is successful. We have written and managed numerous high profile solicitations for electric utilities and project developers around the world. Let Fractal help you conduct a timely, cost-effective and successful procurement of energy storage.

project auditing

Prior to drafting the RFP, Fractal will inspect your project from a technical and financial perspective including:

check2 Technology / chemistry selection and component pairing
check2 Business model design and duty cycle
check2 System sizing based on power/energy requirements and project life
check2 Warranty and performance guarantee optimization
check2 Ownership and finance strategy, PPA rate optimization, ITC utilization

scope of work definition

Fractal will work with your team to identify utility/contractor roles and responsibilities to specifically delineate the scope of work.

check2 Interconnection preferences, work, specifications and costs
check2 Pre-project due diligence (environmental permits, surveys, zoning)
check2 Metering, communication and station service requirements, specifications and costs
check2 Site preparation work, specifications and costs
check2 ISO registration, studies, metering, qualification and costs

communication management

Fractal works in parallel with your project manager to ensure that the entire procurement process is efficient, informative and adheres to the schedule.


Fractal will ensure fairness, transparency and consistency by incorporating utility personnel into scoring teams.

RFI / RFP Scheduling

Fractal will prepare detailed, accurate and effective RFP documents that will elicit highly specific and complete proposals from best-of-breed vendors. We work alongside your procurement and legal time to ensure it aligns with previous solicitation. From RFP Issuance to project commissioning, Fractal will create a schedule that adheres to mandates, grant requirements, major industry events, holidays, long lead item times, industry average project milestones, service and operational deadlines. Fractal scheduled the following milestones:
check2 RFP Issuance
check2 Pre-Bid Meeting
check2 Proposal Deadline
check2 Contract Negotiations
check2 Construction Completion
check2 Commissioning
check2 Intent to Bid
check2 Respondent Question Deadline
check2 Shortlist and Interviews
check2 Contract Execution
check2 Site Acceptance Testing
check2 Web Conferencing
check2 Question Response Deadline
check2 Contract Negotiations
check2 Factory Acceptance Testing
check2 ISO Market Qualification

RFI / RFP Writing

Fractal designs an effective RFP document package to include:
check2 Statement of Intent
check2 Background
check2 RFP Schedule
check2 Project Overview
check2 Duty Cycle
check2 Project Location
check2 Interconnection Voltage
check2 Project Life (20-year)
check2 Technology Type & Chemistry
check2 Scope (EPC, Installation, etc.)
check2 Ownership / Service Price Options
check2 Proposal Format Submission Requirements
check2 Price Quotations
check2 Proprietary Data Treatment
check2 Incentives and Subsidies
check2 Local and Diverse Sourcing
check2 Economic Development
check2 Project Schedule
check2 Selection Process
check2 Evaluation Factors
check2 Interpretation & Ownership of Documents
check2 Contract Negotiations
check2 Cyber Security
check2 Subcontracting

energy storage rfp scoring matrix

Fractal can apply your existing scoring matrix or provide a template for proposal evaluation. Our scoring methodology has worked successfully in previous utility projects. We facilitate transparent, fair and consistent scoring for preliminary, short-listed and best-and-final proposals.

proposal evaluation

Each company will have different strengths and capabilities. Some will compete on cost; others on quality. Fractal will work with you to evaluate vendor proposals. The goal of the RFP is to evaluate the vendor fitness for your project.

Fractal builds custom financial models to assess the lifetime value of your energy storage project. Our models take into account the specific technology and design parameters of your project. Fractal goes beyond manufacturer’s datasheets and marketing collateral. Instead, Fractal applies real world parameters drawing from primary research of behavior and maintenance cycles from years of hands-on energy storage operation.

Fractal’s financial analysis applies granular costs and revenue. The output of the financial analysis includes:

check2 Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
check2 Cost-Benefit Analysis (B/C)
check2 Payback Period
check2 Net Present Value (NPV)

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