Energy Storage RFP Drafting & Management

Fractal can effectively and aggressively manage the request for proposal (RFP) process for a utility scale battery storage or renewable energy project. Fractal leverages energy storage expertise (technology, cost, performance and vendors) to simply your procurement process and maximize project economics.

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10-Step Valuation Methodology

Fractal has developed a proven 10-step methodology to complete a utility energy storage RFP.

RFP Evaluation

Fractal will work with you to identify evaluation categories, criteria and weights for energy storage RFP evaluation. Fractal can provide successful scoring templates used in previous solicitations. Fractal can evaluate and score entire proposals or just specific categories such as technical feasibility and total cost of ownership.

Technical Feasibility Evaluation

No. Scoring Category Criteria Points
1 Technology, operational, and resource feasibility 2
2 Level of development, functionality and robustness offered by the Human Machine Interface (“HMI”) 1
3 Ability for the HMI and SCADA system to interface with the existing CUC network and SCADA System 1
4 The operational and maintenance needs of the technology and warranties 2
5 Aesthetics and physical size 2
6 Respondent: successfully implemented previous project experience of similar size and technology 2
Total 10

Total Cost of Ownership Evaluation

No. Scoring Category Criteria Points
1 Initial Cost, Maintenance Costs, Warranty Costs, Uptime Guarantee Costs, Spare Parts Costs, Degradation Cost and Augmentation / Replacement Costs, Efficiency Losses (Costs), Auxiliary Load Losses (Costs) 10
 * Key technical and financial inputs are taken from each proposal and processed using our financial models. Total cost of ownership analysis is completed for each proposal and bid option to provide a variety of metrics (NPV, B/C, IRR and Payback).
Total 10


The project deliverables for Fractal Energy Storage RFP Drafting & Management include:

  • Project Auditing to Validate Project Economics from a Technical and Financial Perspective
  • Preparation of RFP Schedule and Document Package
  • Technology, Delivery and Performance Specifications
  • SLD and Duty Cycle
  • Utility / Contractor Scope of Work Delineation
  • Evaluation Matrix, Categories, Criteria, Point Systems and Weights
  • Scoring Team Formation and Assigment
  • Respondent Clarifications and Addendums
  • Total Cost of Ownership Analysis of Each Proposal and Bid Option (NPV, B/C, IRR and Payback)
  • Technical Feasibility Evaluation of Each Proposal
  • Technical Feasibility Evaluation of Each Proposal
  • Summary, Ranking and Presentation of Respondent Offers
  • Interview and Software Demonstrations for Short-Listed candidates
  • Best and Final Offer Evaluation
  • Stakeholder Presentations and Support
  • Stakeholder Presentations and Support
  • Preparation of Draft Agreement and Exhibits
  • Finalist Selection and Up to 10 Hours of Contract Negotiations

RFP Evaluation Only

Has your RFP already been released? No problem. Fractal can evaluate an existing RFP and even help negotiate and structure contracts.