Energy Storage RFP Support

Fractal can effectively and aggressively manage the request for proposal (RFP) process for a utility scale battery storage or hybrid project.

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Fractal can provide services to streamline your procurement process, mitigate risk for your project, all while providing education and assistance to stakeholders, to ensure transparency and fairness. Fractal leverages energy storage expertise (technology, cost, performance and vendors) to simply your procurement process and maximize project economics.

Schedule Development
  • Invitation to Bid
  • RFP Issuance
  • Pre-Bid Meeting
  • Site Walk
  • Bidder Q&A
  • Proposal Deadline
  • Proposal Screening
  • Bidder Shortlisting
  • Finalist Selection
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Contract Execution
  • Engineering Approval
  • Construction
  • SAT / Commissioning
  • Commercial Operation Date
Scope of Work Delineation
  • Scope of Work Overview
  • Project Physical Characteristics, Codes and Standards
  • Construction, Installation and General Works
  • Batteries
  • Battery Management System
  • Power Conversion System
  • EMS and Plant Controls
  • SCADA Integration
  • Alerts and Alarms
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • MV Power Transformers and Cabling
  • MV Breaker
  • Metering and Telemetry
  • System Protections
  • Instrument and Control Wiring
  • Enclosure Safety Requirements
  • Auxiliary Loads
  • Electrical Service and Equipment
  • Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Document Deliverables
RFP Package Drafting
  • Invitation to Bid
  • Project Description and Overview
  • Communication Requirements
  • RFP Process and Schedule
  • Project Site Description
  • Site Control and Permits
  • Point of Interconnection and SLD
  • Technology Specifications
  • Scope of Work Delineation
  • Engineering Standards
  • Performance Guarantees, Definitions, Calculations and LD’s
  • Bidder and Technology Eligibility
  • Selection Criteria and Weights
  • Submission Instructions and Requirements
  • Electronic Pricing Workbook
  • Commercial Terms and Agreement
RFP Management
  • Distribute RFP to Intended Bidders
  • Collect and Confirm Receipt of Intent to Bid
  • Respond to Bidder Questions
  • Prepare and Distribute Addendums
  • Manage Schedule and Email Reminders
  • Prepare and Host Pre-Bid Webinar
  • Log Questions and Respond
  • Manage Site Walk
  • Collect Bids and Confirm Receipt
Proposal Screening
  • Notate Exclusions / Missing Information
  • Compile Preliminary Questions
  • Identify Preliminary Areas of Concern
  • Request Clarifications or Supporting Materials
  • Evaluate Agreement Redlines and Exclusions
  • Complete Preliminary Evaluation
  • Prepare Initial Ranking
  • Shortlist Top Bidders
Financial Due Diligence
  • Benchmark CAPEX and OPEX
  • Simulate and Validate Intended Duty Cycle Against Technology Selection and Sizing
  • Quantify Physical and Financial Impacts of RTE, SOC, Cycle and Calendar Life
  • Verify Financial Assumptions
  • Quantify Warranty and Performance Guarantees
  • Evaluate and Score Proposals
Technical Due Diligence
  • Experience and Track Record of Equipment Suppliers and EPC
  • Adequacy of Engineering and Design Standards and Procedures
  • Suitability of Battery System and Balance of Plant Components for Intended Application
  • Suitability of Initial Sizing and Augmentation Plan
  • Review Construction, Installation and Commissioning Plans
  • Review Project Management Structure and Schedule
  • Suitability of Design to Meet Commercial Requirement
  • Assess O&M Program, Schedule and Unscheduled Maintenance
  • Review Spare Parts Inventory
Contract Support
  • All Commercial Terms and Agreements
  • Battery Warranty and Performance Guarantees (Power, Energy, RTE, COD and Auxiliary Power)
  • Construction and Start Up Plans/Tests
  • Metering, Testing, Witnessing / Verification
  • Insurance, Termination, Default
  • Design and Construction Scope Delineation
  • Operations, Monitoring and Maintenance and Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • System Uptime or Availability Guarantees
  • Redline Existing Documents with Comments Provided
  • Liability and Liquidated Damages
  • Dispute Resolution / Force Majeure
  • Milestone Payments, Purchase and Sale
Project Management
  • Lead meetings with stakeholders to gather information required to do the work
  • Prepare a weekly status report at the end of each week
  • Track open action items and collaborating with the responsible party
  • Coordinate with Contractors and Subcontractors
  • Prepare an agenda and meeting minutes to capture key discussion points after each meeting
  • Supply Gantt charts and project schedule files
  • Supply KPI and specific metrics requested by Client

RFP Evaluation Only

Has your RFP already been released? No problem. Fractal can evaluate an existing RFP and even help negotiate and structure contracts.