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Fractal is a specialized energy storage and renewable energy consulting firm that provides expert evaluation, technical design and financial analysis of energy storage and renewable energy projects. Fractal focuses on the technical and business needs of electric utilities in areas related to energy storage deployment, renewable integration and hybrid power generation systems. Our objectives are to help you increase revenue, avoid costs and improve reliability through energy storage and/or renewable deployment.

Our consultants are senior and experienced professionals with functional skills in energy storage operation, power generation, renewable energy, engineering, analytics, finance, accounting, economics, information technology and chemistry. Our experience and familiarity with utility standard operating procedures, expectations and preferences allows us to get your job done fast.


our value to you


Most utilities have not yet defined the internal processes required to successfully plan, budget and deploy an energy storage project. Fractal has extensive hands-on renewable energy experience in system design, development, implementation and operation. We leverage this real-world experience to provide you with effective consultation and management services during every stage of your energy project. Fractal can effectively plan and manage the complete life cycle of your system, from definition to deployment to post-implementation optimization.


Neutral and Unbiased. Fractal provides clients with unbiased, project specific system design, technology selection and financial analysis.


Real, Hands-On Experience. Fractal has the most hands-on, operational experience with battery storage than any other firm. We go beyond data sheets, Fractal applies real world parameters to create accurate financial and technical assessments.


Robust Data Analytics. Fractal uses big data analytics and customer-built financial models to forecast market prices, costs and revenues in order to optimize the economics of your project.

technology and vendor agnostic

Fractal is vendor and technology agnostic. We design systems with the highest reliability, lowest total cost of ownership, and maximum revenue for the life of your project. We have worked extensively with all of the following electrical energy storage technologies:

check2 Lithium-ion Batteries
check2 Lead-acid Batteries
check2 Nickel-cadmium Batteries
check2 Nickel-metal Hydride Batteries
check2 Sodium-nickel Chloride Batteries
check2 Sodium-sulfur Batteries
check2 All-vanadium Redox Flow
check2 Zinc-bromine Redox Flow
check2 Zinc-iron Redox Flow
check2 Polysulphide-bromine Redox
check2 Copper-zinc Batteries
check2 Metal-air Batteries
check2 Natural Gas Fuel Cells
check2 Pumped Hydroelectric
check2 Compressed Air (CAES)
check2 Pumped Hydroelectric
check2 Flywheel
check2 Thermal/Ice

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Fractal works on projects both domestically and abroad. We are proud to call Texas our home and be a part of the robust ERCOT grid. Fractal is based out of Austin, Texas in the United States. Currently, Fractal is working on projects on multiple continents including Singapore, Japan, Turkey the Middle East and Oahu as a partner to developers and energy storage integrators.


who we help

check Electric Utilities and Cooperatives
check Transmission Service Providers
check Project Developers
check State Regulators
check Oil & Gas Companies
check Mining Companies
check Energy Storage Integrators
check Research Organizations
check ISO/RTO and BA
check Project Investors
check Island / Microgrid
check Military

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