Energy Storage Valuation Study

energy storage valuation study

Fractal has helped some of the largest and smallest electric utilities in the world design, analyze, procure and manage energy storage systems. Fractal can assist your management team in assessing the technical and financial viability a grid-scale energy storage project within your service territory. Fractal's granular assessment of your operational and planning needs, power supply costs, transmission costs and overall resource plan enables us to achieve maximum cost savings and reliability benefits for your system planning.

Our comprehensive valuation study is the first step in a multi-stage process towards successful implementation of energy storage. Fractal applies custom-built financial models, design expertise and years of operational experience to identify and quantify the value of energy storage opportunities specific to you.


fractal's 10-Step valuation methodology

Fractal has developed the following 10-Step Evaluation Methodology to successfully conduct an utility-scale energy storage valuation study:

Using our evaluation framework, Fractal will meet the following objectives:

Economic Business Model(s) Design
Investor-Grade Financial Analysis
Ownership and Finance Options & Strategy
Policy, Market, Regulatory & Environmental Assessment
System Sizing and Chemistry Selection
Warranty, Performance Guarantee and Capacity Augmentation Strategy
Risk Assessment and Sensitivity Analysis
Duty Cycle and Control System Requirements



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