Utility-Scale and Floating Energy Storage Firsts in Singapore

on October 29, 2020

Innovations and developments of energy storage in SIngapore are being advanced by the state’s Energy Market Authority.

The Energy Storage System (ESS) solutions initiative has been created by the regulator bringing together industry and research partners to advance storage and in turn support the growing deployment of solar resources.

Solar is the most viable renewable energy resource for Singapore.

The first utility-scale storage is a 2.4MW/2.4MWh lithium-ion battery system, which has been installed in an SP Group (formerly Singapore Power) substation.

The project is aimed to evaluate the performance and safety of energy storage solutions in Singapore’s hot, humid and highly urbanised environment and to aid in establishing technical guidelines for future deployments.

The system due to come online at the end of 2020 will participate in the wholesale electricity market to provide services to mitigate the intermittency caused by solar, as well as to reduce peak demand.

“Energy storage systems are one of the most promising solutions to help Singapore integrate more solar energy into the power grid,” says EMA Chief Executive Ngiam Shih Chun in a statement.

“We have been working with partners to facilitate the deployment of different energy storage solutions. This is critical in supporting Singapore’s target of at least 2GWp of solar deployment by 2030.”

Another distributed storage system is being deployed at the electrical switchrooms of five public housing blocks in Punggol. The aim with this project is to develop a centralised control system to manage distributed lithium-ion batteries across several sites and again to guide future developments.

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Fractal Energy Storage ConsultantsUtility-Scale and Floating Energy Storage Firsts in Singapore