Tesla Overhauling Retail Locations To Focus More On Energy Storage Products

on November 29, 2016

energy storage cleantechnicaAccompanying the launch of the its Powerwall 2.0 offering, Tesla will reportedly begin completely overhauling many retail locations to focus more on the energy storage side of its business.

The retail facelift will reportedly involve the installation of various interactive displays explaining how the firm’s energy storage products work in simple language.

Importantly, this overhaul will also involve a transition to the company actually taking Powerwall 2.0 orders in the store, as well as online, according to Business Insider (previously, all ordering of the Tesla Powerwall was done online).

Notably, the move closely follows the SolarCity acquisition, and likely serves as a sign of things to come. Presumably, the company will be highlighting the recently unveiled solar PV roof options at its stores soon enough as well.

The display of stylish all-electric vehicles, home energy storage systems, and solar PV roofs all in one store will lead to some nice sales synergies. As an imaginary example: someone stops in for a home energy storage system, takes a closer look at a Tesla Model 3 on display, reads/watches the information on display concerning Autopilot, and decides to put down a deposit for one. Or: someone stops in to work out the details of a vehicle purchase, and decides after looking around that the solar roof options are more affordable than they would have guessed, etc.

Business Insider provides more: “Tesla has already updated some stores in key locations across North America, Europe, and Australia. The company chose to focus the rollout on markets with the most demand for energy products, but the company plans to add its energy products to more stores in the near future.”

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CleanTechnicaTesla Overhauling Retail Locations To Focus More On Energy Storage Products