Stornetic targets wind farms for flywheel energy storage system

on September 29, 2016

Energy Storage NewsStornetic – flywheel system for wind farms and public transport

German manufacturer Stornetic aims to provide its flywheel storage system to wind power plants, it said today at the trade fair, WindEnergy, in Hamburg.

The company said its flywheel system, which turns electrical energy into rotational energy and stores it for later use, allows wind farm operators to balance output fluctuations over the long term.

Stornetic managing director Rainer vor dem Esche said: “Our storage machine EnWheel allows output peaks to be absorbed, thereby making the output of entire wind farms more even and predictable.”

He suggested flywheel energy storage will also be able to provide grid services in combination with wind power plants. “This is an ideal starting point for the challenges of the future,” said vor dem Esche.

Earlier this month, Stornetic announced its EnWheel system has been optimised as wayside storage for the public transportation industry, and particularly for train operators, which can store energy from braking trains at stations to help power them as they depart again.

Stornetic reckons its energy storage solution, designed for more than 100,000 load change cycles, can absorb load changes in the range of milliseconds, and is particularly suitable for applications in which many fast load changes are required.

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Energy Storage NewsStornetic targets wind farms for flywheel energy storage system