Panasonic Unveils New Battery Storage System, Total Home Energy Solution, and More at SPI 2019

on September 26, 2019

SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Panasonic unveiled its new residential energy storage system, EverVolt™, new products and enhancements, and other solar portfolio announcements today at Solar Power International 2019. The EverVolt™ features a modular design and is available in AC and DC-coupled versions, offering a flexible solution optimized for homeowners’ energy needs and budgets. The home energy storage system enhances Panasonic’s full suite of home energy solutions, including its signature photovoltaic high-performance HIT® portfolio.

The Panasonic engineered storage system is compatible with any solar system or inverter and can be tailored to a homeowner’s individual needs. In addition to offering both the AC and DC coupled options, the system can be scaled down to as little as 5.7kWh of energy storage or expanded to 34.2kWh. EverVolt™ offers simple, one-person installation and is field serviceable. It also comes equipped with advanced software and a user-friendly app for homeowners, allowing customization between multiple operating modes visibility into system status. The product is backed by a 10-year product and performance warranty, one of the best in its class for homeowners.

“Energy storage is one of the fastest-growing segments in the renewable energy space, and homeowners are eager to find a product that fits their exact needs,” said Mukesh Sethi, group manager at Panasonic Solar. “With EverVolt™, homeowners will be one step closer to grid independence and see a quicker return on their solar investment. EverVolt™ users will have the ability to store unused power to use when they need it most or sell surplus energy back to their local utility and generate income.”

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Fractal Energy Storage ConsultantsPanasonic Unveils New Battery Storage System, Total Home Energy Solution, and More at SPI 2019