Lockheed Martin installs 1 MW battery at New York facility

on October 27, 2016

energy storage utility driveCompanies are continuing to turn to energy storage as both an environmental and financial solution, with the ability to provide services back to the grid generating more opportunities to grow revenues. For Lockheed Martin, the latest installment cements the aerospace and defense contractor’s entry into the energy storage market. 

Lockheed Martin’s GridStar system consists of modular, scalable energy storage units that contain batteries, local-controls software and all required balance-of-system components. Lockheed Martin said each unit can be configured to provide up to 375 kW of power and up to 600 kWh of energy storage. 

Within Lockheed Martin, the company’s Lockheed Martin Energy is a line of businesses focused on energy solutions like demand response solutions, energy efficiency, energy storage, nuclear systems, tidal energy technologies and bioenergy generation. Earlier this year, Lockheed Martinexpanded its interests to include energy storage, including both lithium ion and flow battery technology.

The company will target small to medium utility projects and C&I customer uses like demand charge reduction for its lithium-ion offering while attempting to commercialize its flow battery for longer-duration, grid-scale functions.

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Utility DiveLockheed Martin installs 1 MW battery at New York facility