High-Power Energy Storage Market to garner $2 billion a year by 2026

on April 26, 2017

yahoo financeLONDON, April 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Supercapacitors are an emerging energy storage technology that will take a key role in the future of energy systems.. Batteries and supercapacitors combined offer the best solution for many energy systems from the automotive sector to grid energy storage, allowing batteries not only to perform better but also to extend their lifetime whilst reducing both CAPEX and OPEX.

With steady progress, supercapacitors are getting traction in these mainstream application markets such as the automotive and rail sectors and opening new possibilities in emerging sectors such as grid energy storage.

Consumers are begging for a fast charging solution for their electronic devices. As electricity grids integrate more intermittent renewable energy sources the need for high power energy storage becomes more evident.

The supercapacitor industry is carving its place in the future of energy systems. Manufacturers based in the USA, Asia and recently Europe are set to address market needs in the automotive sector, aerospace, public transport and rail and the future smart grids and many more.

Important recent market trends included in this report are:

· The role of supercapacitor technologies in the future of sustainable energy systems from electric vehicles to renewable energy and electricity grids.

· The current state of the industry in terms of market growth and recent commercial developments.

· The state of the supercapacitor market in China and how the current policy changes are affecting the industry.

· The potential role of Chinese supercapacitor manufacturers in the future competitive landscape of the sector.

· The emerging new players in Europe.

· The new opportunities for growth inside and outside China.

Important recent technology trends included in this report:

· The role of aqueous electrolyte based supercapacitor technology and the implications for the sector.

· How supercapacitor products are improving performance reaching in order to comply with end user requirements.

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Yahoo FinanceHigh-Power Energy Storage Market to garner $2 billion a year by 2026