Energy Storage O&M Services

The Fractal team has O&M experience over 150 MW of battery storage assets. Fractal can provide remote monitoring, technical support and on-site maintenance to maximize system performance, trouble-shooting and fault-handing.

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System Oversight Remote Service Package

Remote service package that provides business day support to maintain maximum ESS functionality, actively making Customer aware of events/incidents which may alter or impact operations.

Offering Objectives
Performance Monitoring
  • Surveillance and observations of ESS operation to ensure performance in accordance with business requirements
  • Support to maintain maximum ESS functionality, actively making customer aware of events/incidents which may alter or impact operations
  • Escalation and communication of operating issues when necessary via electronic notifications.
  • Equipment troubleshooting and fault-handling in line with agreed upon timelines and responses.
  • Remote resolution of faults when possible
  • Periodic reporting (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Annual) summarizing key operating metrics.
Technical System Support
  • Qualified technician available by phone to answer customer questions, support unit testing, and provide instant feedback for any technical issue which user may encounter.
Standard Package
  • Business Hours Support (Mon-Fr, 9-5) for operation, monitoring and technical system support
Plus Package
  • 24/7 Support for operation, monitoring and technical system support

On-Site Maintenance Support

On-Site Services provide regular equipment maintenance by Fractal personnel for sustained and reliable performance by managing all planned and preventative maintenance on behalf of the user.

Offering Objectives
Preventative Maintenance
  • Annual Onsite Inspections and Preventative Maintenance on the following equipment:
    • Battery System
    • Power Conversion System (PCS)
    • HVAC
    • Battery Enclosure
    • Auxiliary Components (HVAC, Fire Suppression, etc.)
Inspection Reporting
  • Detailed summaries outlined all maintenance items performed during annual maintenance visit are provided. These reports will cover all equipment associated with the ESS as described in the applicable O&M manuals.
Corrective Maintenance
  • Fractal will facilitate and manage any necessary corrective maintenance. This includes managing vendor relationships regarding warranty support and fulfillment. For any onsite corrective maintenance (or presence) needed, Fractal will bill on a Time and Cost basis with an hourly rate of $125/hr.