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Fractal has extensive energy storage experience in system design, implementation and operation. We leverage this real-world experience to provide you with effective consultation and management services during every stage of your energy storage project.

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check2 Integrated Resource Planning
check2 Energy Storage Framework / Roadmap
check2 Final Site Selection / Land Lease or MOU
check2 Impact Studies (distribution analysis)
check2 Stakeholder Education
check2 Customer Program Design
check2 Marketing and Media Relations
check2 Operations and Safety Planning


check2 Technical Expertise
check2 Permitting
check2 Interconnection Application and Process
check2 T/D Studies
check2 Design Review
check2 Control Code Optimization
check2 Offer Curve


check2 Technical and Financial Feasibility
check2 Business Model Design
check2 System Sizing, Siting and Visualization
check2 Chemistry and Component Selection
check2 Risk Assessment and Sensitivity Analysis
check2 Alternative Technology Comparison
check2 Ownership and Financing Optimization


check2 RFP/RFQ/RFI Development and Management
check2 Sales Channel Setup
check2 Technical Specifications
check2 Vendor Evaluation and Contracting
check2 Economic Development and Local Sourcing Strategy
check2 Warranty and Performance Guarantee Optimization
check2 Financing Evaluation (Own, PPA Rate, Lease Structure)


check2 Quarterly and Annual Performance Monitoring
check2 Financial Analysis and Optimization
check2 Tariff Review
check2 O&M Evaluation
check2 Repurposing, Decommissioning and Sale Strategy


Fractal designs effective energy storage and hybrid generation systems to address a variety of operational and planning challenges across a variety of industries:

check2 Transmission Fee Mitigation
check2 Fast Regulation
check2 Resource Adequacy
check2 CAPEX Deferral
check2 N-1 Contingency
check2 Distributed Generation
check2 Remote Microgrid
check2 Wind/Solar/Energy Shifting
check2 Distribution Customer Islanding
check2 Critical Customer Outage Mitigation
check2 Island Grid (Smooth, Firm, Shape)
check2 C&I Demand Charge Mitigation
check2 High Inductive Load Support
check2 Congestion Relief / CRR Shaping
check2 Ramp Support
check2 No-Wires Solutions
check2 Volt / VAR Support
check2 Aggregated Resources
check2 Ancillary Services
check2 Reliability Violations
check2 Pilot / Test-bed Design

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