Fractal Model X™ is an Excel-Based Technoeceonomic Energy Storage Modeling Package for Project Feasibility Design, Analysis and Financing

Fractal Model X™ is available through a license with quarterly updates.

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Fractal Energy Storage Consultants is the leading provider of robust finance models for the energy storage industry. Fractal has spent years developing and optimizing powerful models that simulate performance, degradation, costs and revenues to evaluate total cost of ownership and maximize IRR. We supply these tools to utilities, energy companies and investors. Fractal Model X™ features include:

  • Technical Design, Financial Analysis and Optimization of Projects
  • De-Risk a Project by Understanding Costs and Running Sensitivities
  • Standalone Storage, PV+S, W+S Analysis
  • AC- and DC-Coupled PV+S Configurations
  • PV+S Sizing and Optimization
  • Detailed Time Series Simulations (Hourly, Minute or Second)
  • Detailed Calculations: SOC, RTE, OPEX, CAPEX, ITC, Oversizing, Depreciation
  • Stack Applications and Create Custom Dispatches
  • Optimize the Dispatch to Maximize Returns
  • Preconfigured and Custom Battery Chemistries with Degradation
  • Financial Due Diligence of Projects
  • Paste in Historical Prices or a Forecast
  • Templates for NYISO, ISO-NE, PJM, ERCOT, CAISO, SPP and MISO
  • Sensitivity Analysis and Off-Take Structuring
  • Total Cost of Ownership for RFP Bids


  • Immediate delivery of the Fractal Model and templates for multiple business models across U.S. ISO/RTO
  • 25 prepaid support hours that can be utilized for training, customization or analysis
  • Access to quarterly model updates for 2 years
  • All models constructed for future analysis (analysis contracted separately or using support hours)
  • Optional on-site training (travel excluded)

Version 19.9 Newest Features and Functionality

  • Toggle between NMC, LFP and LTO Li-ion sub-chemistries
  • Improved aux. load calculations; RTE degradation on top of cycle life and calendar life
  • 3 Calculation Modes: Fast Mode, Existing 8760 Mode, Timestamp by Timestamp Throughout Project Life

  • Solar + Wind + Storage combined plant analysis
  • Massachusetts SMART program embedded analysis
  • New sensitivity tab that interacts with cash flow