Owner’s Engineer and Commissioning Support

Fractal can serve as a technical adviser for an ESS project throughout the construction, installation and commissioning period, related to any facets of the Project. Our team has hand-on experience with installation, integration and commissioning.

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Project Management

Fractal can serve as a technical adviser for a BESS based project throughout the construction, installation and commissioning period, related to any facets of the Project including such factors as schedule, cost, construction quality, and performance testing.

  • Lead meetings with stakeholders to gather information required to do the work
  • Prepare a weekly status report at the end of each week
  • Track open action items and collaborate with the responsible party
  • Coordinate with owner, off-taker, contractors, subcontractors and AHJ
  • Prepare an agenda and meeting minutes to capture key discussion points after each meeting
  • Troubleshoot and advise on areas of concern and schedule conflicts

Construction Milestone Management

Fractal can provide periodic reviews to include:

  • Conduct an on-site inspection to assess the quality of the work completed to date
  • Review the EPC contractor’s periodic progress report
  • Evaluate the actual quality control procedures implemented and advise if, in its opinion, the Quality Control/Quality Assurance program of the EPC contractor is appropriate and adequate with respect to project site conditions and typical of industry practice
  • Review and attest to the veracity of the loan disbursement requests and actual invoices
  • Review and assess project change orders
  • Review the status of the construction completion schedule and budget
  • Review the status of the project compliance with applicable permits and licenses
  • Review other items listed in the terms of reference
  • Provide a letter report addressing each of the above items after each site visit

FAT Witness and Verification

Fractal will witness and serve as the customer’s representative for all applicable Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT). These tests are customizable and an include:

  • System Integration FAT
  • Battery Standard FAT
  • PCS Standard FAT
  • Transformer and Switchgear Standard FAT

Construction Walkthrough

Fractal will conduct a walkthrough of the final construction and installation of all ESS related infrastructure and equipment for the project site by reviewing:

  • Walkthrough of final construction and installation of all ESS related infrastructure and equipment
  • Major system components to include: Battery, PCS, LV Transformer, MV Transformer, Switchgear
  • Project design specifications e.g., battery system, fire suppression, protective relays, etc.
  • Outdoor Breaker design, specifications and engineering
  • Safety and hazards
  • Review performance specifications
  • Site layout, and the mechanical and electrical design
  • Compatibility and completeness of major systems for the intended service of the equipment

SAT and Energization Witness and Verification

Fractal verifies that Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) for the ESS is performed in accordance with the site commissioning plan and meets or exceeds all industry standards.

Demo Safety, Operations and Control Functionality Witness and Review Test Procedures
  • Equipment Verifications
  • Protective Device Verifications
  • Communication Verifications
  • System Startup / Shutdown
  • Fault Verifications
  • Functional Control Verifications
  • Battery Testing
  • PCS Testing
  • HV Transformer Testing
  • MV Transformer Testing
  • Switchgear Testing
  • Outdoor Breaker Testing

Pre-Commissioning Review

  • Perform a third-party walk-through and inspection of all installed equipment listed in the Site Acceptance Test Plan
  • Review contractor’s installation report
  • Evaluate the systems’ abilities to meet the operating and technical requirements of the applicable operating agreements
  • Identify areas of concern

Commissioning and Performance Testing

Fractal can verify (and troubleshoot) performance and compliance with intended use including ISO qualification and testing including vendor specific commissioning requirements.

  • Attend, witness and certify the commissioning process and performance tests to verify the ESS performance and capabilities meet technical requirements
  • Review unit and component start up test results to verify the ESS was assembled correctly
  • Review and verify system design and performance compliance
  • Confirm that all performance tests were conducted and meet the specifications of the Contractor Agreement and performance test standards
  • Provide a signed completion certificate confirming successful completion of the performance tests and achievement of commercial operations

Annual Testing

Fractal will perform annual project capacity testing to include (may vary with project as specified in contract exhibits):

  • Remote Power Setpoint Tracking: Demonstrate the ESS capability to follow remote active and reactive power setpoints. This test will be performed one each individual BESS.
  • Capability Tests: Demonstrate the ESS capability to ramp to the minimum and maximum active and reactive power values.
  • Round-Trip Efficiency and Capacity Test: Demonstrate the round-trip efficiency and capacity of the BESS at the POI.
  • Data Resolution Test: Demonstrate the BESS Control System capability to independently detect and record power system grid frequency with a specific resolution and recording rate