Energy Storage Battery Selection

energy storage sub-chemistry analysis

Fractal is an expert at battery selection for energy storage systems. Through hands-on experience and cutting-edge sub-chemistry optimization modeling, Fractal can drastically increase the economics of your energy storage project.

There are many sub-chemistries of batteries available in the marketplace. Each variation has its own set of parameters that Fractal will rigorously evaluate to determine the best fit for each Business Model.

Build dispatch model based on maximum revenue and/or cost avoidance potential

Identify power and energy requirements for each Business Model

Identify roundtrip efficiency due to C Rate, SOC and losses

System sizing and capacity augmentation schedule

Quantify and assess costs (Capital & O&M)

Determine the most reliable and cost-effective solution

fractal selects the best technology and chemistry for your project

Fractal is vendor and technology agnostic. We design systems with the highest reliability, lowest total cost of ownership, and maximum revenue for the life of your project. There are several battery storage technologies that are available in the utility marketplace. Lithium-ion is currently the leading technology, but niche applications may require other technologies e.g. high temperature, off-grid applications.We have worked extensively with all of the following electrical energy storage technologies:

check2 Lithium-ion Batteries
check2 Lead-acid Batteries
check2 Nickel-cadmium Batteries
check2 Nickel-metal Hydride Batteries
check2 Sodium-nickel Chloride Batteries
check2 Sodium-sulfur Batteries
check2 All-vanadium Redox Flow
check2 Zinc-bromine Redox Flow
check2 Zinc-iron Redox Flow
check2 Polysulphide-bromine Redox
check2 Copper-zinc Batteries
check2 Metal-air Batteries
check2 Natural Gas Fuel Cells
check2 Pumped Hydroelectric
check2 Compressed Air (CAES)
check2 Pumped Hydroelectric
check2 Flywheel
check2 Thermal/Ice

sub-chemistry optimization

During the battery selection process, Fractal considers and evaluates many critical factors to determine the best-fit technology. For a given duty cycle, the difference between Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide, Lithium Titanate or Lithium Iron Phosphate can be upwards of 80% profitability.

capacity degradation modeling

Fractal models degradation to determine annual battery capacity (MWh) and energy capacity (MWh). Fractal can also calculate and optimize a PPA rate ($/MWh) for energy storage as a service models.



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